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Thank you for visiting the web-home of David Michael McMahon. In the pages that follow, you can learn about the Whole Health Therapy that I offer, and how it may be of help to you or someone you know.

One person sent a very kind letter to thank me for helping his sister. He wrote, "You have turned my sister's life around and given her back the life she once knew. You've given her peace and confidence to go on with her life. You've made her laugh again." In actual case summaries you'll see results of how this work has helped others to heal in mind, body and spirit. Read of others' experiences on the Results page.

Increasingly my work involves distant healing sessions with people all over this country and in several other countries. Clients range from places as far apart as New Jersey, Oregon, Hawaii, France, Germany, Spain and Russia. I also work with animals, including Gus, a horse in Colorado, other horses, dogs and cats. Fascinating!

Thanks again for visiting. I look forward to hearing from you and to being of service.

Peace and blessings,

David Michael McMahon, N.D.

May your heart always see clearly. - Molly Ivins


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