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David M. McMahon, N.D.

Alternative and complementary health issues and spirituality have intrigued me for nearly three decades. Herbal remedies and nutrition were my primary areas of study for much of that time. About ten years ago, I discovered quite by accident that I have been blessed with a gift for bioenergy healing.

I began studying Healing Touch under the instruction of Irene Morelli, RN, MSN, a former professor of nursing at Georgetown University, and a healer with a practice in Silver Spring, Maryland. Irene has been my friend and mentor, and I am deeply grateful for her guidance and encouragement over the years..

Other healing modalities I have studied include Reiki, Life Force Healing, and Energy Radiance. So that I would be able to teach my clients to help maintain their own health and energy systems, I expanded my studies to include teachings from such noted proponents of complementary and alternative health care as Andrew Weil, MD; Norman Shealy, MD, PhD; Roger Jahnke, OMD; noted Qigong Master, Kenneth S. Cohen; and, internationally renowned dowsing-energy healer, Raymon Grace.

In April, 2003, I became a certified instructor and practitioner of Qigong, under the tutelage of Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong. Grandmaster Fu is the 13th Lineage Holder of the Emei Linji Zen Qigong sect.

In November 2011, I became certified by Dr. Paul Lam as an instructor of Tai Chi for Arthritis, which is based on the Sun style of Tai Chi and is approved by The Arthritis Foundation.

I have successfully completed the Naturopathic Doctor program under the auspices of Blair College of Natural Health, with emphasis in nutrition and herbal and other supplements.

I am board certified as a holistic health practitioner under the auspices of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners and am a professional member of The American Holistic Health Association.

I am a member of the Council on Bioenergetic Healing at Wake Forest University/Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem. The Council seeks to expand clinical research on bioenergetic healing modalities, and to increase awareness of energy medicine within the medical community, and among the general public. Council members include community-based energy practitioners such as myself, and researchers from various departments within WFUBMC. The Council and other similar entities within the Medcal School and Center were responsible in large part for the establishment in 2004 of the Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine.

My philosophy is simply that God has blessed me with healing gifts, and has called me to use them in a spirit of love and compassion for the benefit of all people.

The late Leo Buscaglia, PhD, author of "Born to Love," summed up my feelings when he wrote, "To love is our reason to be, and to become."

These ideals, taken together are who, and what, I aspire to become.



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