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What is Whole Health Therapy?

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Whole Health Therapy

In the middle part of the 20th Century, our culture fostered the idea that only a medical doctor was capable of taking care of a person's health. Fortunately, in the latter part of the century that began to change as more people, including some doctors, came to understand that conventional Western medicine does not have all the answers with respect to health and wellness. In fact, the most honest medical doctors concede that Western medicine sometimes has no answers, and may, at times, even make a person's health worse.

There are certainly many instances in which Western medicine is helpful, and in some cases may be the first choice. If I suffer a broken bone, the first place I would go is the local hospital Emergency Room to have the bone properly set and immobilized. Thereafter, I would seek the aid of a holistic health practitioner to help speed the healing process.

A medical doctor, natural health practitioner, or other healer may offer advice and assistance, and guide the healing process. But, all healing is self-healing, and the body ultimately heals itself. Therefore, it is essential for optimum wellbeing that each of us accepts the primary responsibility for our own health and wellness. It is to that end that Whole Health Therapy has evolved.

Whole Health Therapy offers a blend of healing modalities designed to assist in the healing process while encouraging clients to participate in and be responsible for their own health and wellness. These healing modalities include Bioenergy Therapy; diet and nutrition supplement counseling; and, self care techniques.

Through the affiliation of other healing practitioners with the Whole Health Center, clients have the opportunity to avail themselves of a broader range of healing modalities, including massage, Effectiveness Coaching, Foot Reflexology and more.

What Is Bioenergy Therapy?

Bioenergy Therapy is a collage of the the techniques I learned from Healing Touch, Qigong, Energy Dowsing, and Reiki. As I worked with more and more clients, my intuitive skills increased and sharpened my sensitivity to the client's energy field. This has led to the evolution of some techniques that are uniquely my own. Bioenergy Therapy is a therapeutic approach to health and healing that helps to balance and align the human bioenergy system. It works on the bioenergy field that fills and surrounds the body, and the bioenergy centers which connect the bioenergy field to the physical body. It helps to open the blocks formed by the body's memory of everything that happens to us, especially traumatic events, both good and bad, that we have suppressed or buried, and which we have not fully resolved or released.

Modern science tells us that the human person is not just a physical structure, but like everything else, we are also composed of bioenergy fields. We can measure electrical currents from the heart with an electrocardiogram (EKG); electrical bioenergy from the brain with an electroencephalogram (EEG); and, the lie detector measures the potential of the skin. Various magnetic imaging devices, night vision devices and others, can measure the electromagnetic fields around the human body.

Bioenergy Therapy works with the vital life bioenergy long recognized in Eastern medicine, and now being understood in the West. The Human Bioenergy Field, as it is called by renowned healer Barbara Ann Brennan, is the manifestation of universal bioenergy that is intimately involved with human life.

All healing is self-healing. A physician or other healer may assist and guide the healing process, but the body ultimately heals itself. Bioenergy Therapy complements and facilitates the healing process, and functions from a holistic, or "whole person" perspective rather than only a physical one.

While Bioenergy Therapy has been shown to be of significant value as part of an overall health and healing program, because of the nature of the human mind/body/spirit, individual results may vary, and cannot be guaranteed.

For more on how Bioenergy Therapy works, what it helps, and what clients experience during a session, click here.

Diet and Nutrition Supplement Counseling

While there are dietary and nutritional supplement considerations for the general population, this aspect of our health and wellness is not "one size fits all." The state of each person's health and her/his emotional, mental, and spiritual situation determines what is needed at any given time. Therefore, the whole of each client's health is considered when recommendations are offered for diet and nutritional supplements, including what prescription or over-the-counter medications are being taken on the advice of her/his physician.

Although it is often possible, as their health improves, for clients to consider the possibility of changing or stopping some medications, that is a matter for them to discuss with their physician.

Self Care Techniques

In our culture, there is a long held notion of going to a medical doctor and saying, "Here's my health. Fix me!" Thankfully, that notion is beginning to change. It is essential for each person to accept responsibility for her/his own health and wellness. To that end, it is a key element in Whole Health Therapy that clients are taught methods of self care to help them maintain the highest possible level of wellbeing.

These techniques include breathwork, gentle movement, self massage, and meditation. Those clients who practice these very simple techniques on a daily basis are the ones who do best, and who tend to stay well.

In his landmark book, "The Healer Within," Roger Jahnke, OMD, writes that each of us has within ourselves, "a remarkable natural healing resource." Dr. Jahnke states that, "When people learn about the healer within themselves and then take action to care for their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, they are transformed. Instead of handing over the power to others, they retain the authority to make their own choices and to participate in an exciting era of change."


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