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Results of Whole Health Therapy

Here are excerpts from a few actual case histories of clients with whom I have been privileged to work over the years. Results are sometimes dramatic and immediate. However, most often it has taken quite some time for a condition to develop, so I look for progress over a period of weeks or months. Names are withheld to retain the client's privacy.

  • SU, age 11, came to me with her mother, an RN, after an MRI had shown that all her internal organs were enlarged, especially her liver. Their medical doctor stated that there was nothing that could be done about it and that SU would have that problem all her life. We applied bioenergy therapy, made some changes in diet and had SU take some appropriate supplements. One year later a followup MRI showed that all SU's internal organs had returned to normal size.

  • JP first came for help with her emphysema, emotional distress and excess weight. JP loves to work in her yard and garden but because of the breathing difficulties due to the emphysema, she was able to work outside for only 15-20 minutes at a time. She would then have to go in the house to rest. I taught JP a simple breathing exercise and some other Chi Kung exercises; we made some dietary changes and recommended some supplements.

    Over the next three years, JP's breathing improved significantly and she is now able to work outside for 2-3 hours at a time. She has lost 49 pounds and her emotional state has improved dramatically. The icing on the cake was her November 2009 visit to her pulmonologist where her lung function was at 97 percent! JP said that is the best it has been in her life and she is now in her mid-70s.

  • RM is a gentleman in his 70s who was diagnosed with glaucoma. He was to have laser surgery on his eyes on the Tuesday before Christmas 2004. On the preceding Thursday, he came for his free bioenergy mini-session.

    The next Tuesday, RM's daughter drove him to the eye clinic for the scheduled surgery. Before doing the surgery, the doctors examined his eyes and were startled to find that the glaucoma had disappeared! No surgery was performed, and no medications were needed. RM was scheduled for a checkup in December 2005.

  • RB was in an auto accident in 1992, and one foot had been badly broken. Several surgeries and lengthy physical therapy failed to give her relief, and the pain had progressed so much that she was unable to work. She was about to lose her home and truck.

    She came to see me just once in the summer of 1999. During the session she didn't seem to feel much, but called several days later to say that her foot was feeling a lot better.

    I heard from RB again at Thanksgiving, when she left a message saying she had spent all Thanksgiving Day thanking God for me. Her foot had continued to improve, she was able to return to work, and her home and truck were saved.

    Finally, just before Christmas 1999, I happened to see RB in a local restaurant. She ran up, gave me a big hug, and danced around the lobby to show me how her foot had healed. She also told me that she loves to run and had finally, for the first time in 7 years, been able to run just the week before.

  • NS came to me on referral from another client. She was to undergo delicate surgery to repair a brain aneurysm . NS had been having a rather difficult year, and her bioenergy system was at a complete standstill.

    We worked together for about six weeks to get her ready for the surgery. Her surgeon had said that, after the surgery, she should expect to be in the Intensive Care Unit for 3 days, and in the hospital for 10 days.

  • NS underwent eight hours of brain surgery on a Wednesday, and that night she was placed in the ICU. The next afternoon, she was moved to a regular room. Two days later, she was released to go home!

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  • AA works in a construction-related industry. The job requires repeated use of his right arm in a way that can lead to repetitive-stress injury. After a year and a half in this work, his right arm was always tight with a constant ache, and sometimes more severe pain.

    In our first visit, AA had a dramatic release of the pent- up tension in his right arm. During the session, that arm went into very strong spasms as the bioenergy blockages were cleared. I could see from his facial expression that he had some sharp pain during the spasms. He later confirmed that had been the case.

    The spasms soon subsided and the pain stopped. After the session, AA was amazed at how loose and limber his right arm had become. He said that it had not felt so good in 18 months!

  • JS suffers from macular degeneration, in which the center of the field of vision gradually deteriorates. When she first came to see me, she was terrified about her condition.

    Over a period of about two months, her eye condition slowed its progression. More importantly for JS, she regained a vitality she hadn't experienced since before her husband passed away, more than two years earlier.

    Her mental and emotional state improved to the point that she no longer feared the possible loss of sight. JS told me, "For the first time in my life, I feel comfortable in my own body."

    Sometimes healing occurs in ways other than what we might expect or hope for.

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  • Sera was my Belgian Shepherd. She had the sweetest disposition, and most delightful personality and, she had epilepsy. Even with phenobarbital to control her seizures, Sera still had 2 or more hard seizures each month. Soon after beginning my bioenergy practice, I discovered that by using certain of the techniques I had learned, I could stop, and even prevent, Sera's seizures.

  • KS was diagnosed with breast cancer, and was understandably terrified. To help her prepare for surgery, I worked with her for several weeks. From the very first session, KS felt a dramatic shift in her attitude, and in her overall sense of well- being.

    KS's doctors, nurses and other medical support personnel were amazed at the change. Where KS had been anxious and fearful, she became increasingly at ease and exuded a sense of confidence. That, of course, contributed to a very successful surgery and a shorter recuperation period, with less need for pain medication. KS also regained her flexibility much quicker than is the norm.

    There was an added plus to our working together. KS is also a Type 1 diabetic, and over a 2-month period, she found that her blood sugar and insulin levels improved significantly. So much in fact that, with the consent of her physician, she was able to reduce her insulin medication by more than half. (This is a fairly common response to bioenergy therapy in diabetics.)

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  • MC was referred by another client, after she had suffered for more than a year with debilitating back pain. Initially localized in the lower back, the pain had eventually spread to her upper back, neck, and shoulders; and, down into her legs, ankles and feet.

    MC had seen a number of different conventional healthcare professionals, including a local pain clinic. None of the treatments offered had any beneficial effect. Several, in fact, caused greatly increased pain, nausea and fatigue.

    With Whole Health Therapy, MC began to show significant improvement in her pain levels. Especially after the first month of therapy, the pain diminished more with each session. Finally, after about 3 months of Whole Health Therapy, MC reported that the back pain had ceased entirely.

    In addition to the pain relief, MC reported a greatly increased sense of well-being, which helped her in dealing with some significant emotional issues. Once again, healing often occurs in unexpected ways.

  • CE had suffered for many years with depression, and chronic anxiety and panic attacks. She took a prescription drug for the depression, and literally did not have two good days a month.

    Bioenergy therapy, combined with dietary changes, supplements, breathwork, and qigong exercises have turned her life around. CE is off the prescription drug, and has not had an anxiety or panic attack in more than three years, She is no longer depressed, and does not have two bad days a month.

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  • Sometimes we want so much to be able to "fix" or heal a person, and it is just not meant to be. Resa, a recent client suffered a recurrence of cancer. She began a heavy regimen of herbs from another practitioner, and came to me for bioenergy therapy. Over time, her health deteriorated, and she became weaker.

    My hope, of course, was to help her heal. In time, I came to understand that for her, the healing was to become more at peace, and accepting of her coming death. Rather than be a part of a cure of her disease, my purpose was to help her die.

    Although I was deeply saddened by Resa's passing, I feel that my participation was a blessing, for her, and for me. This experience affirmed my belief in the innate goodness of this work, and the realization that all things happen as, and when, they are supposed to.
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